Calvin Hill has been in the commercial lending and loan business for over 30 years. He is also a well known Author.  Our company has made thousands of loans over that time period. Capital and commercial financing are a necessary component for many different businesses to survive.  Hillcrest will do whatever is necessary to assist you in securing the financing, for the success of you and your company's business.  On our home page we list the types of businesses and business ventures for which we will make funding available.

Hillcrest Financial understands the ingredients for being successful in business today takes more than funding and capital.  There are other areas where a business might need help in reaching the level of success, that business might desire.  Hillcrest Financial, relying on all of it's many years of evaluating and understanding successful businesses, will offer Business Consulting services to its clients, FREE of charge.  It is our duty as part of the services we offer; to insure you and your business will have the very best chance of success.

We must understand; as with all things, there will be new methods and changes in the way business is done.  They are taking place at the most rapid pace ever.  These changes are happening at such a startling pace; it is difficult to comprehend the enormity or speed of these changes.  There are new business platforms which are constantly changing.  We want you to understand how they effect your business.

Hillcrest Funding will available to you; to help you and your business keep pace with all the new changes.

We must all embrace change, because change is going to happen whether we like it or not.